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BATH CLOTHING – Warp-Knitted Terry

The quality and accuracy of the construction and finishing of our Warp-Knitted Terry result in a cozy, eco-friendly product with applicability in several markets, with special emphasis on swimwear and childcare. This knitted fabric is produced in Karl Mayer looms, which are a reference for sustainable production.

BATH CLOTHING (Warp-Knitted Terry)


Has greater stability and resistance to rupture and the rings do not break when pulled


Requires less water during washing and much shorter drying time, saving resources


Has a greater capacity of water absorption, being ideal for towels, bathrobes, and beachwear


Ensures an unmatched softness to the skin

Air permeability

Never too hot, preventing the sweat


Easy to cut and sew without deformation during the process

handcrafted by ALASKA